Andrew Singh Receives Evangelism Award at Annual Conference

Andrew Singh Receives 2017 Harry Denman Evangelism Award At Annual Conference

It’s with great joy that we share good news with you. Pastor Andrew Singh received the Harry Denman Evangelism Award at the Kentucky Annual Conference from Bishop Leonard Fairley on June 14. The Denman Award is given in recognition of exemplary leadership in the United Methodist Church and commitment to the Great Commission of Christ by helping persons experience God’s transforming love through Jesus Christ.

Here is the nomination letter Pastor Greg submitted for Andrew earlier this year:

Andrew Singh has been under appointment as a student pastor, local pastor or ordained elder in the Kentucky Annual Conference since 2004. In 2011 he joined the staff of Georgetown First as an associate pastor. He has been an extraordinary partner in ministry with me, demonstrating exemplary character and passion for reaching the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In the six years we have serve this church together, we have recorded steady growth in our membership: 134 by profession of faith, 121 by church transfer from United Methodist Churches, 143 from other denominations and 90 baptisms including infants, youth and adults.

Although this growth has come through teamwork with staff and laity alike, Andrew’s leadership has been indispensable. He is THE person who makes first contact with all of our newcomers, first-time guests, and constituents every week of the year. He works closely with each person or family nurturing faith through regular contact by prayer, cards, phone calls, hospitality, and visitation. Most Sundays, he is inviting a new person or family to lunch with him and his wife, Arpita, after worship. When these persons are deemed ready to join, Andrew visits them in their homes and hears firsthand what Christ is doing in their lives. When they make a profession of faith or transfer their membership to Georgetown First, Andrew is the one who introduces them to the church family in worship and administers the vows of membership. His sincere love of all persons is undeniable and irresistible!

Andrew has the heart of an evangelist that has been forged and fueled through prayer. His personal prayer life is deep and disciplined. However, he also is very intentional in reaching out to all persons offering hope through a witness that begins with prayer. His sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading is such that he frequently is praying with total strangers while fulfilling his pastoral duties at area hospitals, nursing homes or “chance encounters” (he calls them “Holy Spirit moments”) at public events or even at Walmart.

His leadership in growing our monthly hour of prayer always focuses on making disciples for Jesus. Frequently, we pray for persons who need the Lord through these times of intercession. We also lay hands on those present and pray for their needs. He personally texts me a prayer around 6:20am every Sunday, 52 weeks a year, praying for the Spirit’s anointing upon me, our worship, and those who attend. He also has a team of people he emails weekly calling them to pray for our services as well as special events we are hosting for the community.

At our various community outreach events throughout the year (which reach thousands of persons annually), Andrew is always right in the middle of things—meeting and greeting as many people as possible with the aim of bringing them to Jesus through this church and its ministries. His joyful witness for Christ is exceptional in every way.

Three years ago, the Kentucky Annual Conference honored me with this award. At the time, I asked about possibly sharing it with Andrew because in thirty-four years as a pastor, I had never been in ministry with anyone who had a greater passion for helping people know the transforming love of knowing Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord like Andrew. Of course, that’s not how the award works, but it is my hope and prayer that in 2017, Andrew Singh will be given the Harry Denman Evangelism Award for he surely deserves it.